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Entering the Italian restaurant MARIO, you find yourself in the lobby, where you can organize an aperitif for guests. On the ground floor there is the largest hall for celebrations – it can accommodate up to 70 people. The main technical advantage of this hall is the stage and its high-quality sound and light, which will save your time in the search and delivery of equipment. Also in the hall you can display video and even karaoke, for this it has screens. The ceremonial interior will decorate any event, beautiful paintings on the walls and stucco ceilings create a festive mood and will be a great backdrop for photographs. They will arrange tables for you and help you choose a menu that matches the theme of the holiday.


A fresh summer terrace with a chilled atmosphere and green views. Soft sofas are located on the terrace. Lightness lives here, despite the bustling city center. Over the terrace there are beautiful garlands of stylish light bulbs. A great option for a warm time to order your favorite dishes and drinks.


Thursdays at MARIO Karaoke are accompanied by live performance of your favorite hits. The LIVE Karaoke project is already very popular. It’s simple: the musicians play, and you sing. Did not try?
Then we are waiting for you this Thursday!


On the balcony of the Italian restaurant MARIO you can sit for lunch or dinner, as well as hold your own event here. A sunny, bright place with a stylish loft interior. With the onset of cold weather, this place is perfect for daily meetings and activities. The atmosphere on the veranda is light, with notes distracted from the hasty city center. Up to 60 guests can comfortably sit on the balcony at the same time, but a square table for 22-25 guests will be the best option


This room is made in pastel sky tones. Its maximum capacity is up to 30 people, but the hall will not be empty even with ten guests. Proper arrangement in the hall will create the right atmosphere for the event. The hall has a separate bathroom and a separate entrance from the street. Such a place is perfect for a small holiday, as well as for a business meeting or an ordinary dinner. The Italian restaurant MARIO has a lot of different furniture, which will allow you to hold any event in it.


For very small meetings and events, the Italian restaurant MARIO has a Red Room. It is designed for a maximum of 6-8 people. Perfect for private small celebrations or business meetings.